Kevin recognizes the pride and dedication that Michiganders hold for their public schools. That’s why he:

  • Advocated for historic investments in students, setting the next generation up for expanded educational opportunities.
  • Fought tirelessly in support of special education, increased state aid for local school districts and, during the pandemic, for nutrition assistance for children whose primary source of nutrition is in-school meals.
  • Championed the Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP), allowing parents, grandparents and other family members to help defray the cost of higher education with a 529 savings account, which are free from federal taxation.
  • Tirelessly fights to protect our children, championing legislation which would require schools to adopt a policy on how to handle disclosures of sexual abuse from students.


Kevin knows that Metro Detroit’s crumbling infrastructure is in need of upgrades and repairs. That’s why he:

  • Was a part of a bi-paristan coalition that requested that funding be allocated to three shovel-ready projects in our community: reinforcement of Segment 6 of the 15 Mile Interceptor, Chapaton retention basin in-system storage, and a 9 Mile pump station at the Chapaton retention basin. Together, these projects will help keep drinking water for nearly 4 million Michiganders safe and healthy.
  • Championed a bipartisan bill package to help address our state’s crumbling infrastructure by updating the way our road funding works. 

Lake St. Clair

Kevin recognizes that Lake St. Clair is a local gem, deserving of all of the protection we can provide it. That’s why he:

  • Advocated for the passage of $2 Million for the expansion of the Chapaton Retention basin to prevent untreated wastewater from spilling into Lake St. Clair. 
  • Sponsored a scholarship awarded to students who participated in volunteer events to clean up Lake St Clair and presented ideas to preserve and protect our lake.

Jobs and Opportunities

Kevin is a tireless advocate for Michigan’s hard-working, everyday families. That’s why he:

  • Championed a common-sense package of legislation that improves protections for workers across the state, from expanding overtime eligibility to ensuring meal breaks.
  • Introduced legislation that creating a pathway for paraprofessionals to become certificated educators in our state, tuition-free. Our state is facing a teacher shortage, and our students are the ones who pay the price when the teacher workforce is unstable.
  • Joined with his colleagues in the House to introduce a bill which would require the state to only enter into contracts with companies who have a certificate documenting their pay equity practices.
  • Supported an Executive Directive requiring state departments to give preference to Michigan businesses when making purchasing decisions, boosting the economy and keeping good-paying jobs in-state.
  • Worked to stop legislation that would have made drastic cuts to retirement and health care benefits for police officers, firefighters and other first responders.